is a web based freelancing initiative that provides various type of services for foreign journalists, researchers, writers, politicians, photographers, diplomats and companies that intends to implement their projects in any of the 34 provinces of Afghanistan.
Although for the past 17 years many journalists, researchers and diplomats have striven to picture Afghanistan in a good way but they have failed to do so. Most of the conducted projects, were focused on central areas which was not due to lack of demand but:
• Lack of access to key and remote areas;
• Weak/no contact with locals;
• Disability to travel inside the country;
• Lack of reliable Info on the ground;
• Lack of various services; and
• A professional team to help them carry out the job.
These are the challenges that each foreigner faces trying to conduct their project in Afghanistan. The time to worrying is over, will help you overcome any type of challenge that you face in this territory.
Who we are:
We are a group of potential freelancers and social activists that poses a wide range of connection with the public and private sectors and access to key, remote and areas that are difficult to get access to. The team is consisted of both genders that have been active in Afghan society for years and have worked with government, international organizations, private sector and have traveled to most of the provinces.